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Allon James Madeira was born to Rachel and Manny Madeira on May 3, 2333. His family was quite wealthy, living in a large manner on rural Angelus. Rachel and Manny were both renouned pilots, owning a squadron of heavily armed ships (about twenty gunships a piece).

A few months after Allon was born, his grandparents died, leaving them a lakehome on the neighboring planet, Augustus. After two years at the old house, Kevin Madeira, Allon's brother, was born; however, due to many mysterious complications, his life was very short, lasting only a few weeks. The very same night of Kevin's death, Rachel snuck out of the house, took a pod to the newly constructed Alliance High Guard Command, and departed in her ameliorator, vanishing mysteriously from the galaxy, leaving Allon to her grieving husband. She was not seen or heard from for a very long time.

At the age of five, Allon had come across a key to his father's most recently commissioned gunship, which had been left lying on top of a pile of paper. He therefore entered the ship, and, having been with his father on a few missions before, had an idea how to launch. Unfortunately for Allon and his father's gunship, he found himself surrounded by a CTN invasion fleet, which took out the ship in no time. Noticing the sudden incoming of insurance from his bank, Allon's father abandoned his couriering and rushed to Angeles, only to find his son lying amidst the remains of an escape pod, his head stuck inside a salvage container. Had it not been for the nearby medical facility, Allon would have died.

At the age of seven, Allon accompanied his father and a group of pilots on what Allon would later reflect back upon as the defining moment of his life, a difficult combat mission aboard Chariot of Death, his father's oldest gunship. Shortly before traveling through the jumpgate, his father complained of pains in his jaw. Near the end of the mission, Manny Madeira collapsed. In a wild attempt to copy his father's movements, he flew the ship around the sector, trying in vain to locate the jumpgate. Predictably, the ship exploded, and Allon and his crippled father were the only survivors.

Although Allon and his father were severely injured, not to mention (in his father's case) suffering a heart attack, both were miraculously nursed back to health. Rachel Madeira returned from her long trip into the unknown, and the couple retired, donating the remainder of their ships to the University of Commonwealth Pilot Academy.

Allon finished high school a year earlier than most kids, having excelled in all of his subjects. Still in the prime of his teenaged years, Allon searched the galaxy for a suitable occupation. Nothing in the universe seemed to suit him. Try as he might, Allon attempted to pursue numerous occupations--lawyer, doctor, technition, flight control employee; however, the haunting memory of the failed dif in Chariot of Death, despite being ten years previous and still extremely early, tantalized him. Allon would obsess over the childhood memory, constantly brooding over the fact that he hadn't saved his crew. Finally, after dropping out of a renouned archeologist school, Grant University, in November of 2352, Allon Madeira had at last discovered his dearest ambition: to be a pilot.

In January of 2353, Allon enrolled in the University of Commonwealth Pilot Academy, where he spent the next two years. After graduating, he managed to acquire his first cargo hauler, Black Maiden. With the generous aid of another Commonwealth pilot, Allon finally accomplished the goal he felt he was destined to accomplish at the age of 7: successfully flying a mission. He flew his first ever easy on February 13, 2355, the same day he acquired his expediter. That year, the young pilot made numerous mistakes, one of which being accidentally shooting Denii in Venom, Matt Valentino's battlecruiser, only days after launch booting his third gunship over HGC, causing it to be blown up. Now, however, Allon is the proud pilot of his beloved battlecruiser, Highway To Hell.

Today, Allon can often times be seen attempting near impossible deeds in the simulator and out, flying and/or gunning various missions, or else reclining on his captain's chair in the control room of Highway To Hell, either staring into space or writing random things at his leisure. He is a rather quiet individual; however he can be quite outgoing if the situation warrants. He eventually plans to start a family of his own, building his house on a peaceful planet.

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