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Alphonse Gangitano was born with a very serious condition, kleptomania. From the greek word kleptien meaning "to steal" kleptomania is of course the irresistable urge to, well, steal. Kleptomaniacs steal every day big and small, valuable and worthless, state of the art and dilapidated. Most "kleptos" develop an affinity for certain items which they steal quite often, sometimes hoarding them in the thousands. Alphonse's prefered item is starships and he's stolen quite a few. Alphonse is actually quite skilled at starship theft and has made ships simply dissapear without any hard evidence or witnesses to say he took them. Of course there has always been suspicions mostly because of all the ships he has just taken rather publicly at gun point. Seeing as ship theft is something that is dealt with privately amongst pilots Alphonse usually doesn't see the punishments as any real deterrent. What can they do to him that hasn't been done a million times before in a million worse ways? In the harsh prison-like world of starship pilots where you are your own police, barrister, magistrate and executioner people like Alphonse are right at home. Alphonse has notoriously bad personal cleanliness. In particular his dental hygiene is cause for concern. He's a pirate what did you expect? Arrrr.

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