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The Early Years
Brianna, then named Arabella Rose, was born on Desolo, at her family's home as her mother had a home birth. She grew up on the edge of the beach, learning how to take care of herself early on as her parents worked and there was no babysitter at the time. At 8, her parents began to fight all the time, they were home, so she would go running off to the peacefulness of the waves. When she was 11, her parents split up and finally divorced. She lived with her mom for a while, then moved to her dad's at the age of 12.

The Teenage Years
When Arabella was almost 13, her father was put in jail and she was left to fend for herself. Where she lived, there was no foster care or childcare system of any kind, so she was left on her own. She lived in the house her father owned for several years, then eventually couldn't afford to keep it up, so she lived on the streets till she was 20.

Adult Life
When Arabella was 20, she found a job with a daycare agency and rented an apartment nearby. She met a man named Frank Soprano around the time she turned 28 and they dated for several months before marrying. She continued to work at the daycare agency, until she found out about the pilot's academy.

Piloting Career
Arabella and Frank both joined the piloting academy at the same time and graduated together. After they graduated, they quickly made a living salvaging and asteroid hauling to get some much needed cash and points. They rented an apartment on Aquatimis and lived there for about a month. Soon after graduating, Arabella received a letter in the mail telling her that both her parents had died in a car crash. She went back to Desolo to plan and hold the funeral for her parents and ended up making some friends, including someone by the name of Nickolai Falkswell. He tought her more things she could use in her piloting career and they spent a lot of time hanging out together. After a month and a half, Arabella found out Frank had died while she was out of locals, helping someone retrieve a ship. After a couple months, she and Nickolai began dating and she changed her name to Brianna West. She and Nickolai dated for a couple months, but he became abusive and controlling so she left. She met Dorion Hunter around that time and they became good friends. In July, Arabella adopted three children--two boys and a girl, and began dating Dorion, who had two kids of his own-a girl and boy. While they were together, Brianna gave birth to a tiny baby girl she named Reanna Skye West on August 24, 2360. She never knew she was with child until the night of the birth, but both mother and child are healthy. Reanna wasnt quite a month old when Dorion and Brianna split up, her watching the kids for a while. In late September, Orin Amori and Brianna started dating after hanging out for some time, and they finally married on November 20, 2360. The morning of the wedding day, they adopted another little girl named Arabella Denise Amori. Two of Brianna's adopted sisters-viktoria and Athena came to the wedding, the other remained out of locals. Kierstin Sanderson was adopted as an Amori sister 24, 2360, bringing her daughter eila Rose Sanderson with her. Her family continues to grow to this day, and she wouldn’t be the person she is today without the loving support of her husband-Orin Amori, her best friend-Theo Ericson, her sisters-Viktoria, Athena, Maggy, Alexis, and Kierstin, and her many other friends, especially Christopher and Naomi Hamilton, Buck Ley and Tom Tucker, Keyra and Zandria Lazari, and the rest of the organization she helps lead alongside Orin.

Brianna's future goals are to provide for her family, make the best of every moment, and be the best mother, wife, sister, and friend she can possibly be.

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