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Calandria was born Calandria Leann Hartzler on August 16, 2333 to parents working on the agricultural planet of Firewater. Her father worked at the Mil-Agro plant for most of Calandria's life while her mother stayed home, tending their expansive gardens. Calandria led a sheltered life for most of her childhood, rarely knowing about the goings on of the various alliances of known space. She spent her days roaming the strange grasses of her home planet, hearing about space through the galactic news. As she grew older however the hills of her home began to seem less inviting and she began considering pilot school. Calandria enrolled and began her training. She soon found her niche in gunning and still today prefers this pastime overall. She graduated into the AIE and spent several months in the alliance before switching to Hale, realizing that unknown space was quite boring and dull.

Calandria, nicknamed Cala on occasion married Moy Zee on November 18, 2353. They divorced on companionable terms a year and a half later. They share a house, a space station, and a daughter by the name of Daizey.

Calandria likes to spend her time gunning on various missions other people offer. Though she is capable of flying a mod, she much prefers to be behind a cannon. Her political beliefs lie strongly in Hale's pride. During one of the alliance wars between Commonwealth and Hale she stood strongly by her alliance in hopes of returning them to the glory she feels they deserve.

Calandria enjoys all art forms but mainly writing. She has done research into the origin of the anomaly as well and hopes to one day lead a research team in studying the strange force...

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