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Christine was born to a middle-class family on the planet Rosario on May 8, 2333. The fact that she had been born during the turbulent times between the Praelor and the other alliances, her family made it a point to protect her from anything and everything they could. Her father, in an attempt to keep Christine.s mind focused away from the ensuing violence, would tell her stories about famous twentieth-century musical productions which were based on even older legends and fairy tales.

One story in particular was linked to the old Earth tales of France, from which the Elestor generation was originally formed, centuries before, when old Earth was still thriving. This tale was what inspired Christine, at the young age of three, to become a musician. Thrilled with Christine.s diligence, her father was able to teach her the basic techniques of singing. Later in life, she was able to pick up and learn the flute at an unnaturally quick pace.

When Christine reached the age of thirteen, it was officially decided by her local community that she was unusually gifted with musical ability. She was shunned, however, due to the fact that the scientific fields had become a more practical way to make a living. By this time, her father had protracted an unknown degenerative disease to which there was no cure, and was deteriorating faster than anyone would have thought. Christine.s mother became overwhelmed and decided to leave in an attempt to find a better way of life.

Christine was left to take care of her father throughout his last days, and had no choice but to resort to learning how to effectively pilot at the age of eighteen in order to support herself once he had passed away. It wasn.t long before this inevitable event came to pass, and Christine was devastated. The thought of singing would send her into nearly uncontrollable bouts of grief, and her eccentricities became more prominent.

Before her father had died, he had offered Christine a small gift--a small, old-fashioned cross hung upon a delicate silver chain. The artifact was irrelevant to the current day, for religions had become obsolete. However, after the passing of her father, Christine chose to research the traditions of French Catholicism in order to create a sense of closure and rid herself of the grief that plagued her.

These traditions became a normal way of life for her, and Christine was able to quell nearly all the grief which had resulted in her father.s passing. Determined to make a living for herself and keep her father.s memories alive, she continued piloting school until the age of twenty-one. By this time, her eccentricities were on the borderline of being considered a kind of madness, for Christine fervently insisted on living the old-fashioned and very formal lifestyle of an old Earth Catholic.

For the present, she keeps the traditions of the early nineteenth century, and is often times considered too formal and old-fashioned for her own good. However, this rather eccentric way of life has not rendered her an outcast. She is known throughout the galaxy for her musical abilities, as well as the ability to effectively pilot and make a decent living for herself. She is even known, on rare occasions, to sing upon request.

It should be noted, however, that given the circumstances in which she lost her father, the last member of her family, her emotions are subject to dramatic change at sporadic moments. Her anger, although short-lasting, is strong, and her words are often sharp. She is considered to be resting on the edge of emotional instability; however this has not been sufficient cause to revoke her piloting license. Her abilities are not exactly perfect, but they are respected by most younger pilots, and she is still seen today, as eccentric as ever, standing strong to her loyalties and traditional values, using the best of her abilities to aid in the protection of those around her.

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