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Life isn't always good to you. That's just the plain fact of living. Growing up in the rat-infested and disease-riddled slums of Angelus, it was a lesson Gabriel Brennar had to learn the hard way. Pulled from the wreckage of an escape pod at the young age of six, Gabriel and his younger brother were immediately rushed to seek medical care. It wasn't until later that first responders concurred that no one else, either alive nor dead, was discovered near or around the escape pod.

This of course raised a lot of questions, one of the more important ones being, "What happened to these children's parents?" Interrogation of the older rescued child revealed that he knew only his name was Gabriel. Further questioning yielded nothing whatsoever except that when his parents were mentioned he'd grow still and distant.

Speculations were made that the parents must have been captured during a leasurely excursion out of communication range. As a last protective measure to save their children, the parents might have activated the emergency escape pod sequence and managed to get their children on route to safety.

Ideas on the captors ranged from as wild as the Praelor to the CTN. Eventually, as is the nature of these things, the excitement died down and Gabriel and his younger brother were inducted into the fostercare system and promptly forgotten about.

They bounced from different families for years before Gabriel, now nine years old, disappeared off the system completely. It wasn't for another sevin years that he was heard from again, resurfacing in the slums of Angelus. His younger brother, at hearing of his brother's reappearance, ran away from his foster home and joined his brother in a modest apartment located in the worst part of the city.

He was able to quickly gather that his older brother was no longer the person he use to be. Inside him now burned the fierce fire to become a civilian pilot and navigate amongst the stars.

He learned that Gabriel's long seven years disappearance was due to his forced labor onboard the pirate ship belonging to a Captain Brennar. Onboard, he managed to earn himself a meager wage as well as obtain a love for the stars. He dreamed of piloting a heavily armored warship against the praelor that might have killed his parents, of chasing down other pilots and pitting his skills against theirs.

Gabriel finally got his chance when he turned eighteen. He had scraped enough credits by working in the local pawn store and conducting other shadier deals to enroll himself in the Commonwealth Basic Training Academy. He took the name Gabriel Brennar to honor the pirate captain that fostered his love for the stars and exceled during his two years in basic training.

However, at the conclusion of his second year, finishing top three in his class, it looked like his piloting dreams were to be haulted. He no longer had the money to put himself through school and support both his brother and himself. Yet, someone must have been looking out for this young aspirer.

Not soon after his graduation from Basic Training a letter arrived to his apartment dictating the details of his enrollment in the Commonwealth Piloting Corp. It seemed some secret benefactor had paid the full cost for Gabriel, not only that, a deposit had been made for a later time if Gabriel's younger brother decided he too wished to become a civilian pilot.

Gabriel's time in the Pilot Corp was well spent. He quickly rose to the top of his class and graduated four years since his enrollment, taking home a score of distinguished awards. His proudest moment had been stepping off the academy shuttle a fully licensed civilian pilot. He remembers himself grinning and saying, "Gabriel Brennar, you have clearance to launch."

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