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Kaylee Elizabeth Summer was born to Pam and Josh Summer on December 28, 2336, in a small town called Rockhill on Outreach. Growing up, she was quite a loner, spending her time reading, and throwing herself into her school work. When she was 16, she ran away from home, and went to Pilots school. Their she exceled, and graduated in 2 years instead of 3.

After she graduated, she bought her first ship, a cargo hauler, and started making money, to pay back her lones for pilots school. Later that year, she began becoming quite hostile, stranding friends, stunning people for no reason, and when she got her battle cruiser, she blew people up for no reason. She continued this way, until February of 2355, and then, when her beloved DarkRage was destroyed, she stopped and realized she had almost no friends left, almost no money, almost nothing. She decided to change. She bought a new BC, and started helping people, saving their ships if they got left in space somehow, rescuing unlocked ships instead of stealing them, a little cash here and their to a new pilot. Most people didn't believe and still don't believe that Kaylee changed, but she has, and now enjoys helping who she can, and eating cookies.

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