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Marshall Ritchhart was born March 8, 2340 to a small farming family on Firewater. His family was among the early settlers of Firewater that arrived with many other AIE citizens, all looking to farm the fertile soil that Firewater is most famous for.

Marshall's father, Elsworth Ritchhart, his mother Sheila Ritchhart, his uncles Richard Ritchhart, Tony Ritchhart, Lary Ritchhart, Paul Hall, Shawn Hall, Alan Hall, Arnold Tibbs, Jed Tibbs, Aunts Shelly Tibbs, Alexia Tibbs, Valorie Ritchhart, Amy Hall, and Carly Hall, and grandparents Richard Ritchhart Senior, Dawn Ritchhart, Jerry Hall, and Carel Hall, were all among the first settlers of Firewater, owning a 40 acre farm, with a shacky house and barn that hardly was enough to acccommodate the large family living under its tin roof.

On June 28, 2338, Marshall's brother Cletus Ritchhart was born, followed by Marshall in March of 2340, then Marshall's younger brother Tim Ritchhart on December 27, 2341, then Marshall's sister Jessica Ritchhart, who was born on July 17, 2342.

Now with the family population exploding to the point where they then had the barn converted into a living space up in the loft, times became difficult for the family with ever growing demands for fresh produce. Especially with space stations not having enough to 100% self-sustain themselves.

Marshall, his older brother Cletus, younger brother Tim, and little sister Jessica all helped to bring in the harvest. Going to school in the morning then working all afternoon in the hot Firewater weather.

It was not easy though. Richard Ritchhart Senior, Marshall's Grandfather, chatnised Marshall's father Elsworth about joining the CTN. Multiple times it turned into a fight and Richard was kicked out of the house, and even once ran off at stun shotgun point.

This would occur monthly for over 10 years until one night, in the summer of 2350, after a heated argument at dinner over the CTN debate that came up after Richard Senior was trying to get the family to renounce their AIE citizenship and to go with him to the CTN's new base of operations, Richard Ritchhart senior got up from the dinner table and stormed out, saying that they will see eventually the wrong of their ways.

That night under the cover of darkness, along with other CTN sympathizers, Richard Ritchhart Senior led the attack on several farms through Firewater, pouring salt on the crops through over 12 different farms.

After doing this, Richard Ritchhart Senior and his friends got on board a freighter and left for the CTN's recently established base of operations somewhere out of locals.

Marshall's family later lost the farm due to not being able to get AIE relief aid for the damages, given that the man that was spotted salting the fields was later identified as a member of Marshall's family.

With what little money they had left, Elsworth Ritchhart bought a cargo hauler for the family and loaded it up, and left for Pax, where they all renounced their AIE citizenship and became citizens of the Commonwealth of Free Spirits.

All but three members of the family were on the hauler. Marshall's older brother Cletus, his uncle Tony and Aunt Valorie two years before had managed to get a Transverser and had left charted space to explore new worlds. It had been rumored that they had died during their exploration of the galaxy, but no data on FTL signals had been received indicating an explotion or communication failure. No rescue pods reported on Acrylon that bore the name of the Transverser, "Ritchharts Glory".

Now 10 years old, Marshall, Tim and Jessica struggled on Angelus adjusting to the city life. Their father and their uncles had all taken jobs in the Angelus mines and traveled between Angelus and Outreach for work.

For two years the family roamed between Angelus and Outreach bringing in loads of minerals from beneath the ground until one day in the Spring of 2352, the family hauler had needed a new relativity drive. The old one they had gotten before was second hand, and had finally given out. The family had paid for a newer relativity drive, but unaware that the person that was selling them the relativity drive was a friend of Elsworths dad, Richard Ritchhart Senior, who was now a well respected Colonel in the CTN military on his way to being a General.

At first, the trip was going fine. A commute from Angelus to Outreach, stopping in sector 0 to transfer through a jumpgate as normal, when an explotion rocked the ship just as they cleared the jumpgate into sector 0.

The lights went out, and suddenly the ships self destruct sequence was activated. The pods were activated, but only two of the pods launched. Marshall and Tim survived, but nothing has been seen or heard of the rest of the family since.

The Cargo Hauler had exploded after the pods were launched, and everyone on board had, to most knowledge, been killed.

Rumor has it that a third and fourth rescue pod were activated carrying a group of people that was heading out of locals, but nothing was made clear on speculations.

With just himself and his brother Tim, Marshall had to find ways to help himself and his brother. Finding an abandoned warehouse on Angelus, Marshall made it a home for himself and Tim.

Marshall had Tim attend school while he went out looking for food, occasionally stealing it from shops while the proprietors were not looking.

Marshall got into trouble many times with local authorities, and once killed three men who stumbled into the warehouse where he and Tim called home after they attacked Tim in his sleep trying to take any money that he had on him.

After several brushes with the law, a judge ordered Marshall to a year in prison, and ordered him to attend flight school where he would become a pilot paying off his debt to the court. Tim shortly followed, becoming a pilot after Marshall did.

Marshall got his piloting license at the age of 21, and since then, has been doing jobs such as asteroid hauling, debris salvaging, and even fighting against the Praelor and the occasional CTN ship that comes into the local sectors.

Now at age 22, Marshall has left the Commonwealth for the Hale Collective, saying that, "The Commonwealth is no longer the peace seeking bunch they use to be. It's now just a pirate gang with government."

He now resides with the Hale Collective, where he proudly waves the Hale flag and wears the colors of Hale. He says, "The Hale Collective is home. The people here treat me like family and in a way, they are the family I've missed for 12 years of my life."

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