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Host Name: Merugle Flimmens

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bunny named Merugle. She liked to hop, as most bunnies do. One day, she was hopping through the forest when she came upon a crazy old man named Chris Flinnigen. He was not nice to the poor bunny, and cut off her foot so he could have "luck". Merugle was very sad for she no longer could hop. She knew what she had to do. She went to her good friend, Albori Sninvel, who is obviously very magical. He told her that he could not give her a new foot, and as bunnies who can not hop are hardly bunnies at all, they decided it'd be best to just turn her into a human. They believed this would be better than having Merugle have to live through life as an outsider bunny with no foot. Albori turned her in to a beautiful woman and then gave her a fantastic bunnysuit to help her feel more at home. Life is hard for a bunny trapped in a human body, but at least now she can hop with two feet.

Contact: or missmerugle on AIM

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