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Myrna Bulowski heard a stirring coming from the dumpster. What in the world was a dumpster doing in the middle of the forest? No worries, she figured it was probably a raccoon or a stray duct rat colony.

She continued her walk, as it was certainly a glorious day for a stroll. My, she thought to herself, why haven't I done this before? She stopped dead in her tracks as she heard the stirring from the dumpster again, this time accompanied by... could it be? The sound of a small child vomiting.

This, like most things in Myrna's life, is how she became a mother.

Born in a small farming community, Myrna's family was poor but happy. That is, until tragedy struck in the form of a Praelor bulldozer when Myrna was the tender age of 3 hours old. Both of her parents, her 11 brothers and 2 sisters were all killed when the Praelor bulldozer, driven no doubt by a drunken praelor frater operator, plowed into their 2 room shack. Myrna swore vengeance that day, on the praelor and on Jeremy Marckis.

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