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Reuben Elliott Corso was born on a mineral processing ship as it began a seven-cycle jaunt between the volcanic planet of Aitos and the Maranha asteroid belt. His parents were Elgyn Corso, a mining supervisor, and Jasmine White-Corso who was the ship's cook. Due to the long stint in space, Reuben's tiny feet never touched soil until he was at least two years old. For a brief time, he lived on Aitos in a mining colony, but his mother later decided that the environment was simply too volatile for an infant to grow up in.

Reuben and his mother relocated themselves to an orbiting settlement high above Aitos' chaotic surface where he would spend the next fourteen years of his life. After finishing his primary education in the settlement, he attended a local Alliance-based piloting school in the system. While studying, he also served as a relief pilot for mining transport ships as well as local garbage scows. While he didn't graduate at the top of his class, he was able to earn his piloting license and has since formally signed his localty to AIE in hopes of piloting full-time for them.

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