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As a young girl, Scarlet grew up on Acrylon. She didn.t really have many friends when she was little, but that was because she was too shy. Her parents taught her all about the AIE alliance and they told her that since she grew up with this alliance she needed to stick to it. Scarlet was always sort of a rebel, even though she was shy, and she decided that she would go against her parent.s wishes. When she turned 34, she decided to make her big move from AIE to Commonwealth.

Ever since this change, she has let her guard down and began to make new friends. She does have somewhat of a temper, so don.t cross her when she.s mad! Most of the time though, she.s a loving, gentle woman.

She has since met her loving husband, Rayferd, who also is Commonwealth. They have a daughter together named Catrina, and they plan to have more children in the future.

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