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Tim was born on 5, September, 2325 in New Queensland, New Australia on old Earth. He was the youngest son of Captain Arthur and Tilly Wolf who were excellent pilots. When he was a few months old, he and his parents moved to Acrylon where they lived in a very nice cottage. Tim attended Acrylon Ridge state school and excelled in many subjects which earned him good grades because he was an excellent student. While He lived on Acrylon, his parents enjoyed earning a lot of money by salvaging and hauling as well as going out of local to spend time together.

When Tim was 15, his father died while fighting the Praelor in deep space and his mother died while helping to defend the galaxy from the invading Praelor. It left Tim to seek his own life and he decided to enter the pilot academy where he excelled in his studies and training to be an excellent pilot. While he was there, he met his wife Becky Taylor and they got married a few months later. They are currently living on Expanda with their first daughter, Gemini Rose, and having their second daughter, Brenna. They are planning to have two boys while working toward their goal by saving up for a house on Desolo Island.

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