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Xero's father was a space pirate... not a very good one, as it happens, or Xero may not have been born (and we all know how bad that would be). His name was Zeke Dublade. His mother, Lady Lidya Gravent, was a noble, who by a shocking coincidence was kidnapped by Zeke when he attempted to rob her family of its crown jewels. Unfortunately for Zeke, Lydia made a better pirate then he did, and had his entire crew calling her "Captain" within a week of her unfortunate capture. The two, despite being polar opposites, fell in love, got married, and a single dysfunctional child by the name of Xero.

When he was three, Xero's parents were captured and put in a maximum security prison, as space pirates often are, and he was left orphaned to his paternal grandparents, who had thought there son and daughter-in-law were really couriers!

Xero was not a good student, he much too liked drawing pictures of intergalactic battle and space pirate duels. Flunking out of normal school and not knowing that most people normally went to pilot school first, he took his flight test. His instructor is still in a coma, and as a result, the pilot license facility passed him, even though he'd managed to break an indestructible student pilot vehicle.

He can now be found annoying large sums of people over general communication or... annoying large sums of people over general communication, he doesn't really do much else.

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